Now a days Apps and Games are the part of our daily day life. So today I am going to tell you top 5 Apps and Games for an android smartphone.

  1. NOVA Launcher (Beta)

    NOVA Launcher 5.0-beta8 brings shortcuts like Apple’s Force Touch or 3D Touch (as we already saw in Huawei’s P9 series and newly launched Google’s Pixel series).
    Though not each and every app supports this feature but some of them does (specially Google apps like Google Music, Maps etc.)
    So this looks the Launcher pretty cool.
    If you want to try this cool feature then you have to register your Google account to the NOVA Launcher Developer Program. Play Store gives you the option to join the Beta Program in the app’s page. Then simply download it from Play Store. (Keep in mind your Android version have to be above 5.0).
    Nova Launcher apps and games

    Sign up for Beta Program and download Nova Launcher here

  2. Bubble

    Bubble is a nice little app to read .cbr files on your smartphone. You can ready any comics via this app. Animations are sleek and this app is stable too. Moreover it is free to download so have a try. Here are some screenshots-
    Bubble comic book reader apps and games

    Download it here

  3. Here’s a YouTube video about this article you may consider watching:

  4. Backdrops Wallpaper

    This is a very good wallpaper app, where you can find very cool material design, natural beauty and many others type of wallpaper. This is an online app and you also need a good network connection to apply wallpapers.
    Here are some screenshots-
    Backdrops Wallpaper apps and games

    Download Backdrops Wallpaper here

  5. Epic Pet

    Epic Pet is a clone of Pokemon game. You may don’t like the Pokemon Go but in this case you don’t. If you are true Pokemon animation series fan then you won’t be disappointed. This game packs a nice story Line or you can fight online with any player out there playing this game. Pikachu, Charmander etc these are the characters of the game. And legendary Pokemons are also there like Mew, Mewto etc. Graphics look amazing. Though this game haven’t released yet officially but you can download it from the PlayStore. And you may feel some glitches here and there. It is a very good game. So check it out.
    Here are some screenshots-
    Epic Pet-Pokemon Go Alternative apps and games

    Download this game here

  6. Plant vs Zombies Heroes

    Plant vs Zombies Heroes is a game from the creators of popular EA game Plant vs Zombies series. Here in the game you can collect heroes with incredible super powers. Gameplay is simple. Moreover it is a typical Plant vs Zombies game. But it is really a good little time waster. So it’s worth a try.
    Here are some screenshots-
    plant vs zombies heroes apps and games

    Download Plant vs Zombies here


So guys what do you think of our picks today? Do you use any of these apps? Let us know in the comment section.