About Us

DroidSay started as a hobby of ours to provide people with Latest Tech News, Android Smartphone Reviews, Tips & Tricks etcetera. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar blogs out there but inspite of being very small, we are definitely not the usual copy-and-paste guys. The main objective is not to earn money from internet, rather spreading knowledge and being useful to others.

There are just the four of us and we are merely elders to put our full efforts in blogging and YouTubing. Continuing our current study courses spare us with very few time to engage here on the internet, but we strive to pour the best of us.



Zubai made the inception of DroidSay as we see it today. He is the youngest yet the most passionate one of us. He brought us together and made all this possible. Besides writing and generating ideas about knowledge based posts, he supervises everything going on here and makes sure that the blog is properly functional and active.


Aamir writes the majority of posts, mostly about News and announcements, and Phone reviews. And oh yes! We have our YouTube channel that is entirely operated by him. The reason that YouTube channel is more regularly updated that this Blog is him being really hardworking enough to take the channel further ahead and making a good connection with the community.


Sunit does all the coding and designing of the site. He formats and styles posts before they are published and takes care of SEO and all the images and logos that are used. He also looks after server-side configurations and makes sure everything is working as expected, and ocassionally write some knowledge based stuffs.


Parwana manages the social networks like Facebook or Twitter for the blog and always cheers up the team to work. He makes sure we reach to the users. If you’re visiting this site its probably because of him.