When a buyer wants to purchase a phone he has some requirements in his mind. But in this time, there are so many smartphones available out there which confuses buyers a lot. So today we Team DroidSay pick up some phones to help users as their requirements without too many confusions. Let’s get started.
5. Lenovo Vibe K5 Note

Lenovo Vibe K5 Note 15k Phones
Lenovo Vibe K5 Note

Vibe K5 Note is a pretty solid phone with all entertainment prospects. The phone comes with a Helio P10 chipset with 3/4 Gigs of RAM and 32GB inbuilt storage. This is a hybrid SIM device. K5 Note sports a 5.5inch Full HD display with great viewing angles. There is also Dolby Atmos and TheaterMax technology support. And Cameras are also good at this price point. This phone is for entertainment purposes. But if you should pick up a one I think go for 3Gigs of RAM variant priced at 12K. Just for an extra GB of RAM you have to pay 1.5K more which is not a good idea. Because 13.5K there is a better option which we will tell you later.

Buy Lenovo Vibe K5 Note:

Flipkart- http://fkrt.it/mxKwgNNNNN


4. One Plus X

One Plus X 15k Phones
One Plus X

This phone is all about beauty. One Plus X is made out by metal frame and front and back glass panel. In this price point this is the only one phone comes with beautiful 5 inch AMOLED Display. I think the best display under 15K. Though the phone lacks a fingerprint scanner and has a older generation chip (Snapdragon 801), the phone has 3Gigs of RAM and 16GB internal storage. One plus X is a dual hybrid SIM phone. And The camera is 13MP rear and a 8MP front. Both performs well with nothing exceptional. So if you are someone who loves phone design with great display and nice set up cameras with decent performance then this is the phone you looking for (don’t go for limited edition, go for the regular version).

Buy OnePlus X:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2bDvLPj


3. Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 3 15k Phones
Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 3 is a very popular phone. It sports a SnapDragon 650 processor which is pretty much capable of any kind of usage. Cameras are decent. But if you want to buy one go for the cheaper version with 2Gigs of RAM priced around 10K. Don’t go for 3GB version due to high cost. We already reviewed this phone so nothing to tell about that in this segment.

Buy Redmi Note 3:

Amazon- http://amzn.to/2bLbO4Z

2. Honor 5C

honor 5c 15k Phones
honor 5c review

Honor 5C is the first phone comes with a 16 nm processor which means great performance without any overheating. The phone sports a 5.2inch Full HD IPS display with 424ppi. Display is Good. The most interesting part about this phone is camera and its pricing. Camera is actually very good, both front and back one. And Honor 5C is available for only 11K. There is 2Gigs of RAM, 16GB internal storage with expandable upto 128GB and a 3000mAh battery which is more than sufficient. Honor 5C comes with Android Marshmallow right out of the box. If your budget is tight and you are looking for a overall good performer then go for it.

Buy Honor 5C:

Amazon- http://fkrt.it/GQdlDuuuuN

1. Lenevo Zuk Z1

Zuk Z1 15k Phones
Zuk Z1

Lenevo Zuk Z1 is the best phone under 15K range. This is our pick. This phone comes with fingerprint scanner,a FullHD display, 3 Gigs of RAM, 64GB internal storage, and the first phone in this price segment having OIS. The cameras are great too. And the great thing about this phone is Cyanogen OS which is very customisable. This phone priced at only 13.5K.

Buy Lenovo Zuk Z1:

Amazon- http://amzn.to/2bLdfk7


There are Some devices like Le 2 which has great performance but due to screen crackling issue and The Moto G4 Plus which has the best Camera under 15K but due to overheating issue (not just overheating, after using the camera 10-15 minutes the phone is totally unusable) we are not considering them in our list though they are good in certain areas. But if you really a heavy user and don’t mind anything else then go for Le 2. Same goes for Motorola in camera department. Moto G4 plus has the best camera under 15K.

So We think this will help you purchase the phone you looking for under 15K in India. We will love to get your opinions.