Wallpaper! The thing which everyone likes. Different people likes different wallpapers. We all love doing customization to our PC or favorite gadgets. The wallpaper will look more attractive if the wallpaper size is the same as Screen Resolution.

For preferred wallpapers or screen savers, we often need the exact display resolution. To know the display resolution of a smartphone is easy.

We can get the resolution on internet by typing the model no. of the smartphone. But when it comes to PC, we often fail to find the model no. of a display. Though knowing laptops’ model no. is much easier than the PC.

The PC may has been assembled, so the resolution is harder to find out. So here, we are going to know the actual display resolution which are provided by manufacturers.

By these following steps we can get easily the display resolution from our computer. These steps will be compared side by side for Windows 10 as well as Windows 7. For Windows 8, it is as similar as Windows 10.

Here is the process of getting know the Screen Resolution in Windows 7.

Lets start the tutorial for getting know the Screen Resolution in Windows 10 As Well As Windows 8:


Know Display Resolution
How to know display resolution

At the beginning, Press Right Click and choose Display Settings.


How To Know Screen Resolution In Windows 10

Select Display option from there. Scrolling down, there is a option called Advanced display settings. Open it.


How To Know Screen Resolution In Windows 10

From this window, find out Resolution box like the screenshot. Click on the box and you will find a bunch of display resolutions.

Now the main thing is which one is my actual display resolution. Don’t worry just take a close look and what you see the Recommended resolution, is the screen resolution of your PC or Laptop.