Facebook is reportedly shifting its aim from live video to TV series-like video contents. Facebook started its video platform to help publishers promote their content and of course to make revenue from it, along with its advertising network to gain profit on both sides. But reports say they are on their way in setting a bigger and different approach this time.

Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and other streaming services are offering users premium contents of entertainment​, as it is the next level of home entertainment, seeking to replace TVs. Facebook is presumably setting similar goal and joining the race neck to neck with the big players in this field.

What to expect from Facebook premium video content?

If it is true then Facebook is also said to already have two dozens of such programs ready to set foot in the midst of June this year. 12 of them belong to the high tier, featuring long episodes as to compete TV series, like “House of Cards” of Netflix, as well as the others being small shows with 5-10 minutes of contents, refreshing every 24 hours. These videos will be available on the video tab of the facebook app and also in the we version, and it is very much clear that very soon your news feed will all be video-centred.

Facebook Premium Video service is set to launch in mid-June

With such premium content ready to go, the best news is probably that these shows won’t be subscription-only, like Netflix offers, rather they will be free for everyone to watch with mid-way advertisement. This way more people get to experience this new thing and may be a win-win for both publisher and consumer ends.

Facebook is pushing publishers to invest in their own platform to showcase their programs. Recently hiring CollegeHumor​ co-founder Ricky Van Veen as marketing strategy seems to point that Facebook is in serious business this time. Along with that, A-grade Hollywood celebrities are confirmed in this project, showing much promise to people.

  • While the exact date for bringing this idea to life is yet unrevealed, some speculate the Facebook Developer Conference while some other think the Cannes Lions Ad Festival at June 17 is going to be the big day.

After all these news one simple question certainly crosses the mind, that why would people want another streaming service when there are already plenty great platforms like Netflix and YouTube running with much success? Is there really a need for another option? And they are kicking some good old stuffs (live videos and stories) in favor of this new alternative, so will they be able to pull it off this time? And also won’t they be discarding this idea too like they did several times before? What do you think of it? You are very much welcome to leave your opinions.