“Say hello to Google Allo — a new, smart messaging app.”

Google just released Allo as a messaging client for Android and iOS. They announced it in Google I/O 2016 and now it hit Play Store. Allo is AI powered and smart, unlike other ones. Lets get this all sorted out.


Allo doesn’t need any username and password. Like WhatsApp, it binds your phone number with it and you get going. Makes it easy to use. Allo is not a text messaging app, it is an instant messenger, designed to use with Allo users. However, if you send a message to a non-Allo user, google sends them a text message instead, routed through google servers but not your number. You can invite people to join.


Allo has all the essential features for a messaging app. It has emojis, sharing pics and videos and voice messages as well. You can doodle the images for more fun. Allo also includes bunch of stickers to express yourselves, and a store to download more.
Allo also lets you resize the font of a message by sliding the “send” rocket up and down. This way you make any piece of conversation stand out from others.

chat with friends

Google Assistant.

The coolest feature of Allo is the Google Assistant. You ask it questions, tell it to do tasks like setting alerms and taking notes, play fun games with it, it also tells jokes and riddles, shows your mails and photos, adds subscription of your choice, translates, get you list of restaurants and directions, and usually, search the web for you. All happen right in the conversation screen. You can also teach things to it. This way, the more you use it, the more it learns and the better it gets.
*Bonus feature:* use Google Assistant in any other conversation by using a @google tag.

allo google assistant_01

allo google assistant_02

Allo is AI-powered, so it learns the patterns of your conversations and make suggestions for replies. Sometimes they are cool and relevant, sometimes they are not.

Incognito Chat.

One more interesting feature is the Incognito Chat. Like you have seen in Hike, it has a incognito chat feature that has private notifications, end-to-end encryption to secure your messages, and self expiring chats. Chats don’t show up in the main screen or in notification, chats auto-delete after the expiration period, if you set any.

Allo incognito chat

But Allo is new in here. So it certainty lacks some important options like chat backups, a desktop client, and various customizing/themeing options. You cannot use Allo in PC or even in Tablet, because it needs a SIM card inserted in the device to sign you in. Group chats don’t have an admin.
Google also released Duo, a video calling app, and I think integrating Duo with Allo would be a smart move, to keep people more focused.

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Our Thoughts.

Keep in mind WhatsApp didn’t have several features for years. But it turned out to be vastly successful one. Likewise, Allo misses out a few things but it is a good headstart. A messaging app that learns the more you use it is a great thing. Google Assistant is fun to use. It entertains you, tells you bad jokes, you can have funny conversations, and it is an emoji expert. Regardless of what it misses, it still have potential to change the game.


So ready to dump WhatsApp and other messaging apps for a smarter one? Remember, it is not a replacement for text messaging app like Hangouts. Allo is free to download here at Google Play. Go through it and comment what you think of it.