More or less we all need subtitles for videos that have foreign languages. Even with native languages, sometimes the background music is too loud to hear the voices, sometimes are the accent of some certain actor (like Tom Hardy, masked in the The Dark Knight Rises) makes it difficult to understand all of what is being said.

Downloading subtitles are even more of a hassle because there are several sites to choose from, then there are several languages for a video in those sites. After all of those, you manage to download a zipped subtitle file, which you need to unzip and then select it from the video player app. Quite frustrating, isn’t it?

Thats why our favorite MX Player has added a feature to download subtitles when you are playing a video, without even leaving the playback screen and with just a couple of clicks.

MX Player downloads subtitles from and saves it in the same folder as the video is in.

Here is how to download subtitles in MX Player.

  1. Play a video (in MX Player, obviously) of which you need the subtitle.
  2. Touch the 3-dot menu on top right corner to reveal the subtitle mx player
  3. Among the menu items, click on subtitle mx player
  4. This is subtitles menu, where you can load local subtitle or download one, and change the way they appear. Click on Online subtitle mx player
  5. There you get a Search subtitle mx player
  6. Upon clicking, you can just press OK to automatically search for subtitles based on the filename of the video, or just manually enter text to search for subtitle mx player
  7. Once the list appears with some different subtitles for that video, select any one and select Download.
    **Try to match the name of the video and the subtitle for better synchronization**download subtitle mx player
  8. The subtitle is downloaded in a moment and is automatically subtitle mx player

You may optionally-

  • Select different languages for the subtitle mx player
  • log in to for accessing more available subtitle mx player