After almost two years since Windows 10 has released, users are still suffering from performance and internet speed issues. And this causes many to stick with the good old Windows 8 or even 7, sacrificing new polished look and feel in hope of getting better performance.

But the reason there is such an issue is not a bug in the operating system, rather a feature regarding windows update.

Since Microsoft decided to freely distribute Windows 10 update to genuine Windows users, and there are millions out there, they took a p2p approach to send updates to users. Here every existing user sends some chunks of the entire OS to those who are downloading Windows 10, just like torrent works, and thus reducing the bandwidth pressure on Microsoft’s end.

    • Stopping this update delivery‚Äč service will significantly increase your internet speed and also save your data.

Here’s how to do it:

      1. Open Windows Settings
      2. Select Update and Security windows 10 slow internet speed 01
      3. In the Windows Update menu, go to Advanced Options. windows 10 slow internet speed 02
      4. Then go to Choose how updates are delivered windows 10 slow internet speed 03
      5. Select the radio button of PCs on my local network windows 10 slow internet speed 04
      6. And turn the big switch off, this will prevent sending updates to other PCs and save your bandwidth. windows 10 slow internet speed 05

Has this been enough to address your miserable internet speed? Or do you have some other techniques? Feel free to share with us your opinion!