Music is something that everyone adores. It saves us from boredom, takes stress away, relieves us from every bitterness of life. Listening to music feels nice, visualizing it feels even better.

Music Visualization works by analyzing the waveform and frequency spectrum of any audio file. You can find various apps that do this and outputs a visual form of the song you are playing. Some music players include this, some live wallpapers have this. But a new approach is visualization in the navbar. Cyanogenmod based ROMs and Xposed modules offer you this feature. But the most beautiful and easy way is Muviz.

Muviz is a lightweight app that adds really beautiful music visualizations to your navbar, without root. It provides you with many customizations like-

  • A number of shapes– different types of bars, peaks, lines, squares, circles are available to choose from
  • There are ranges of material design colors.
  • You can set the size, spread and height for your shapes, plus its position, below or above the navigation bar.
  • You can optionally add variable transparency and shadow to your visualizer.
  • Even you can merge many layers of customized shapes into one preset to create a unique and stunning design of your own.

Muviz options

Muviz has also lets you select which apps to show the visualizer on. You need not hassle engaging for hours to create a preset, as the app comes with lots of built-in presets to choose from, and those are really awesome themselves. Just scroll down the list and select any of them.

Muviz is a cool app in my opinion, adds an extra flavor in your music experience, and also helps you show off. Go give it a try now!

Download Muviz from Play Store: