send messages to blocked WhatsApp contact without deleting the account

WhatsApp adds ease to messaging. It’s quick to chat with friends here. But sometimes someone may block you on WhatsApp. This little trick to send messages to blocked contacts may come very handy in these situations.   You will just need a third friend who has contacts with both you and the friend who blocked you. Here’s the quick tutorial:

Note that, you don’t need to delete your account and signup using a different phone number or the same number you have. Also, you won’t lose any of your conversations. So today we will see how to send messages to someone who blocked you on WhatsApp without deleting the account.

  1. First, you need another friend of yours who is also a WhatsApp friend of the person that blocked you.
  2. Ask your friend to create a new group and add both you and the person who blocked you in this group.
  3. Now there’s a group where you and the person who blocked you, are participants, along with your third mutual friend who created the group.
  4. Your friend needs to make you the group admin. Then he has to exit the group.
  5. Now the only people in the group are you and the person who blocked you. Send any message to the group and it reaches the other person despite the fact that he has blocked you. He can also reply to messages and you can receive it.

So, although you are blocked by the other person, you can communicate with them properly in a group where you two are participants.


If things aren’t clear enough to understand, we have made a video explaining this step by step:-

Send Messages To Someone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp:


Here is an example, I did it with two of my friends to help you explain this further:-

1. Amir has just blocked Dibakar so his messages don’t get delivered to Amir anymore.

send messages to blocked whatsapp contact

2. So a third friend Sunit adds both of them in a new group named Test. Name it whatever the heck you want. Then he makes Dibakar the group admin and leaves the group himself.

send messages to blocked whatsapp contact

3. So now there are only two of them, and despite Amir has blocked Dibakar, they can chat in the group without any issue.

send messages to blocked whatsapp contact


Was this helpful to you? It may be of some help to get to talk to your friend and sort out whatever it is that he/she blocked you for. Try this and let us know in comments if this worked.

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