Torrent‘s p2p network is most popular when downloading large files like full HD movies, large games, softwares and operating system related image files, high quality music albums and all. While on PC, ╬╝torrent is the omnipotent player, every single person i know uses this to download gigabytes of files and this works really well, many android users can’t find a good torrent client to download torrents directly in their phones. So we sorted out those apps and list the good ones here.



The official bittorrent app must be on top. It doesn’t have lots of features like others do, but it is ultra-fast and lightweight. Downloading is super easy and clutter free. A media player is also included to play downloaded videos and music right inside the app. You can control download/upload speeds, set auto-shutdown after download completion, wifi-only download. But backdraw is it has an old kitkat age design.

bittorrent torrent client
Download Bittorrent,
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Flud has what a torrent client needs to match the material design of Google. Flud really looks charming; polished design makes it beautiful. It has tonnes of features like bandwidth control, proxy support, light and dark themes, network settings like enabling and disabling DHT, UPnP, local peer discovery, uTP, power management, torrent feeds, scheduling etc. It also displays details about any torrent added here, its size, list of peers, trackers. Give it a try and explore yourself.

flud torrent client
Download Flud here,
the Ad free version here.


tTorrent is a full-featured torrent client. It has all the features of Flud, plus even more! tTorrent also lets you create new torrents from your local files. Another interesting feature it it hosts a web interface, that when you use it, you can control tTorrent from any device in the local network. Works great on all devices.

ttorrent torrent client
Download tTorrent Lite
or buy tTorrent Pro.

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So what is your choice in an app? Performance, Design, or features? Comment down.