Do you ever need to delete google account because of the uncomfortable username or have to change your email address? As you grow up day by day, you become more professional. Your email shows your personality and you never want an awkward email which you can’t give others later.  I chose an awkward username in past and when I grow up day by day, I feel uncomfortable to give others my Gmail address and also feel shy to login in front of my family & friends. So I finally decided to change my Gmail Address. I create a new Google Account but I have lots of data & contacts in my Google Account. All the data & contacts need to move/transfer to the new Google Account. I found a solution to transfer all of my contacts. Here I give you a tutorial of How To Move Contacts From One Google Account To Another Google Account.


NOTE- Here I will mention the Google Account (from which account I want to transfer) as OLD GOOGLE ACCOUNT and the Google account (to which account I want to transfer) as NEW GOOGLE ACCOUNT.


Google Contact Home Page: sync google contacts
Google Contact Home Page

First of all, visit and login to the OLD Gmail Account. After you logged in, you will see More option. Hit the option.



From the drop-down menu, choose EXPORT as the image shown.

STEP-3 sync contacts from one google account to another

Now a pop-up window will appear as Export from old Google Contacts? Click on the Go To Old Google Contacts.

STEP-3 4

You will redirect to Old Google Contact format. Here you have to tick the All option as the image shown. Your all contacts will be selected.

STEP-4 6

Now click More. From the drop-down option select EXPORT.


Another pop-up window will appear as Export Contacts. Here you will see two option.

  1. Which contacts do you want to export?
  2. Which export format?

Select All contacts & Google CSV format. Then hit the Export button.

STEP-6 transfer google contacts

A pop-up window will ask you to save the file. SAVE the file.


After finishing the download, simply log out from the OLD Google Account.


Now log in to the NEW GOOGLE ACCOUNT.

  1. Select Import option.
  2. Select CSV or vCard file option.


Again you have to go to Old Google Contacts. Select Import option from the left side as the image shown.

STEP-10 1415

Import Contacts pop-up will appear. From that window choose Browse and select the previously downloaded CSV file. Punch! the import button with your full force.

STEP-11 16

After few seconds, all the contacts from Old Google Account will move to your New Google Account.

At the end of this tutorial, you will see These contacts have been imported, but not yet merged. You will think What the hell is merge?

The merge option means two or the above no. of contacts have the same contact information and you can make the same contacts to a one contact.